A visually appealing and interactive Typing Tutor game made using C++.

It was made as a final project for my course Introduction to Computing CS101 during my 1st Semester at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.

How to Run

There’s a file named “Typing Tutor.exe”. Just run it and the game will start.

If “Typing Tutor.exe” isn’t working then the game can be compiled using any of the two ways:

  1. The project is compiled using Code Blocks. So, there is a file named “Typing Tutor.cbp”. Open it in Code Blocks and the whole project will load up with all files. Then just click “Build and Run” and the game will start. {Add the libgdi32 library in Code Blocks using project->build options->linker settings-> add button (find libgdi32 for your compiler)}
  2. To have the best experience it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to compile the main.cpp file of the game using G++ using the command: g++ -o main.exe mygraphics.cpp myconsole.cpp main.cpp - lgdi32


Instructions to Play the Game

The rules of my game “Typing Tutor” are :

-- You are provided with a Typing Box . A Box is shown moving vertically on the screen with a word in it.There are five still boxes containing words.

-- If you type the word shown in the moving box , correctly, then the moving box will start to move leftwards otherwise if you have entered an incorrect word in the Typing Box then you will lose one life .

-- When the moving Box collides with a still box (after the moving box has completely moved leftwards) , then if the words in both boxes are same , then your score will increase by one , otherwise you will lose one life.

-- When the word you entered in the Typing Box do no match with that of the word in the Moving Box then your no. of lives will reduce by one .

-- In order to win the game , you need to attain a score of 10 i.e by matching Ten times correctly .

-- You have a total of 5 lives in the beginning and if you lose all your lives i.e when you have 0 lives , then you will lose the game and the game will end.

-- Once you have typed a character in the typing box , it cannot be removed by using BACKSPACE or DELETE key . So be careful while playing ;)

-- There are a total of four levels . Choose which ever level you want to play. Each one is more difficult than previous one.

Enjoy !!!!!!!